Send money online using Gulf Exchange App!

24 Nov 2020 15:00 PM

Introducing our Mobile App and Web App – Send money online using Gulf Exchange App*

Customers can transfer money directly from their mobile, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the following (6) countries and more destination countries in the future:
- Bangladesh
- Indonesia
- India
- Nepal
- Philippines
- Sri Lanka

➡️ Download Android Mobile App:
➡️ Download iOS Mobile App
➡️ Visit Web App Link:

For more details, call us at 44383294 or 44383293.
Or email us at


How to Register? Follow the simple registration steps below and start sending money online.
1. Download the App or register on the web portal (links above)
2. Click Register.
3. Fill-in identification details. Make sure QID number, QID Issuer (MOI or MOFA), and QID expiration date are correct.
4. Fill-in personal information details. Take note of the following details: Full Name should same as ID including Middle Names if applicable, Occupation, Employer Name, Date of Birth, and other details should be correct.
5. Fill-in security details - Security Question, Password, and PIN.
6. Agree to Terms and Conditions and click Create Profile.
7. Upload the (1) Front Image of QID, (2) Back Image of QID, and (3) Selfie with ID near your face. Make sure all 3 images are clear.
8. An OTP number will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and you will be registered.
9. Gulf Exchange Customer Care agents will contact you to verify and confirm your registration.
10. Once your profile is activated, you can start your money transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

*Terms and Conditions for Registration:
By using the Application, you represent and warrant that:
1. All registration information you submit will be true, accurate, current, and complete.
2. You will maintain the accuracy of such information and promptly update such registration information as necessary.
3. You have the legal capacity and you agree to comply with these Terms of Use.
4. You are not under the age of 18.
5. You will not access the Application through automated or non-human means, whether through a bot, script, or otherwise.
6. You will not use the Application for any illegal or unauthorized purpose; and your use of the Application will not violate any applicable law or regulation.
7. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, we have the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Application (or any portion thereof).

*Terms and Conditions for Remittance:
Gulf Exchange Company, a Limited Liability Company (“WLL”) ( Henceforth known as “GE”) authorized by to carry out the business of remittances and is bound by the Qatar Central Bank’s regulation and licensing conditions.
Gulf Exchange Company GE offers many services and products to its valued customers through its network of branches located in the State of Qatar and via online/electronic services. The services provided by Gulf Exchange Company GE are represented in money transfer and foreign exchange services. The following terms and conditions apply to all online/electronic services offered by GEGulf Exchange Services and products:
Customer's request for Gulf ExchangeGE online / electronic Services is an acknowledgment and consent to be bound by these Terms and Conditions which may be amended or changed by Gulf Exchange GE from time to time. These Terms and Conditions apply to all customers dealing with all Gulf Exchange Company’sGE services regardless of any terms and conditions. Especially to be agreed by the client.
1. I have examined the instructions and details of the transactions that they are all correct.
2. I/We understand that all Bank account transfers once initiated to any of the destinations cannot be revoked/recalled/canceled and return of funds is at the sole discretion of the beneficiary bank.
3. I/We understand if this remittance remains unpaid for whatsoever reasons I/We can only claim from Gulf Exchange Company WLLGE (Henceforth and interchangeably known as “GE”) the value thereof at the buying rate on the day the actual refund takes place. I/We hereby indemnify GE and its employees against any liability whatsoever arising thereof.
4. I/We hereby indemnify GE against any liabilities or claims for damages arising for reasons beyond GE's control (including and not limited to FORCE MAJEURE) or from unforeseen/unanticipated events. In any case, I/We accept that GE's liability is restricted to a maximum of refund of the amount transferred less than the GE charges and exchange adjustment.
I/We am/are aware that I/We am/are not entitled to any exchange gain in case of a refund.
5. I/We fully indemnify GE against any liability arising out of delays in the remittance for whatsoever reasons. GE will not be held responsible for any delays in remittance transfer/delivery at the destination or for securing advice /receipt, or for any loss of interest or any other damages or for any other reasons that are beyond the control of GE.
6. GE is not responsible for any collection charges/out of pocket charges levied by any third-party bank from the proceeds paid to the beneficiary.
7. GEGulf Exchange Company shall charge a service fee as commission for all money remittances processed on behalf of the Customer. The service fee shall vary from service to service. Gulf Exchange Company GE reserves the right to change the service fee from time to time depending on Gulf Exchange Company GE internal policies.
8. The Customer is bound to provide any information requested from the banks before or after the funds have been credited to the beneficiary’s account. In case the information provided by the Customer is delayed or the funds are held or delayed by the banks, Gulf Exchange Company GE shall not be held accountable for any losses incurred by the Customer.
9. Gulf ExchangeGE shall not be liable for any incorrect information and / or documents provided by the Client and the Customer shall be solely responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information provided by him, including the beneficiary's information.
10. The purchase and sale of currencies are subject to financial limits and financial exchange restrictions applied by the competent authorities and compliance with anti-money laundering rules. Customers should seriously note that any suspicious transactions will be reported to the relevant authorities in the relevant countries.
11. Gulf Exchange GE is not responsible for delaying or not paying the transfer to the beneficiary for any reasons beyond its control. The payment of the transfer in the beneficiary's country is subject to the rules and regulations in that country.
12. The source of funds is legal and is in accordance with the Law of Qatar, and the purpose of the transfer is not intended for any of the activities of money laundering or financing terrorism.
13. The payment will be done under my full responsibility and by my own debit card or cash at a branch.
14. I have full knowledge about my beneficiaries in all transactions and I’m solely responsible for it.
15. I agree not to use the Service for transactions that involve or relate to any illegal purposes, including but not limited to:
● Narcotics, steroids, certain controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, or other products that present a risk to consumer safety.
● Items that encourage, promote, facilitate, or instruct others to engage in illegal activity.
● Stolen goods including digital and virtual goods.
● Certain sexually oriented materials or services.
● Ammunition, firearms, or certain firearm parts or accessories.
● Certain weapons or knives regulated under applicable law.
● Violating applicable laws or industry regulations regarding the sale of tobacco products or prescription drugs.
● Gambling, gaming, and/or any other activity with an entry fee and a prize, including casino games, sports betting, lottery tickets, and other similar activities.

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