Send Money to Bangladesh and Receive +2% Incentive

06 Nov 2019 03:00 AM

Happy News for Bangladesh Customers ~ Send money through Gulf Exchange & get 2% more!
The extra money will be credited to the beneficiary’s bank account or paid to the receiver for cash pick up. This scheme is an initiative introduced by the Bangladesh Government and aims to mitigate the burden of increased expenses in sending foreign remittances and encourage bringing in foreign remittances through legal channels.

Additional guidelines on the 2% cash incentive for all inward cash remittance through Gulf Exchange:
1. For the amount below USD 1,500 (BDT 130,000/ approximately), the cash incentive will be processed by the Remittance Collector Bank without any delay. 
2. For the amount above USD 1,500 (BDT 130,000/ approximately), Gulf Exchange has to submit the Sender's Passport Copy & Qatar ID Copy to the Remittance Collector Bank based on the communication from the Remittance Collector Bank. Once Gulf Exchange's Customer Care Center receives the mail, we will send the required details within 2 days' time. The credit time of the 2% incentive to the receiver's account will depend on the Remittance Collector Bank.

For more details, please call +97444383222.

(For the moment this News is only available in English)