IMPORTANT NOTICE to Our Valued Customers

22 Nov 2019 23:00 PM

Dear Valued Customers,

Kindly be advised that no money transfers will be made on behalf of others, except by submitting an authorization letter from the transaction owner along with his/her Qatar ID copy addressed to the remittance company ~ Gulf Exchange. This notice complies with the instructions issued by the Qatar Central Bank dated 17-Oct-2019.

To know more, please call our Customer Care Center hotline numbers: +97444383222 or +97444383223, SAT to THU from 8 am-9 pm | FRI from 8-11 am & 3-8 pm.

CLICK HERE to download the authorization letters in both English and Arabic as needed.

Thank you for understanding and we appreciate your kind cooperation.

(For the moment this News is only available in English)